Alain St. Ange named as the ‘Most Tourified Person in #Seychelles’

(Posted 26th September 2022)

Seychelles, like literally all countries depending on or open to tourism, is celebrating World Tourism Month every September.

For the paradise islands of the Seychelles tourism is without doubt the most important economic activity and it is little wonder that one of the locally published magazines, ‘Ozordi Dimans‘ is paying a special tribute to the sector.

Among the main items published is a feature and interview on Alain St. Ange, former Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, who during this tenure was arguably the most visible tourism minister around the world, having Seychelles punch well above her weight, given the size of the archipelago, citizens and visitors numbers.

Seychelles was in featured in literally all tourism trade publication across the world at the time, most notable during the years when the Carnival de Carnivals was juggernauting through the capital of Victoria.

St. Ange was about to be elected to the highest public office in tourism, as Secretary General of UNWTO, when on the eve of the election his government suddenly stabbed his candidature in the back by withdrawing his formal nomination, leaving onlookers flabbergasted and confused.

St. Ange’s case against his government made waves, more so as the former SG of UNWTO Mr. Taleb Rifai, testified on his behalf and after St. Ange won the principle case, he appealed for a higher award, a case he also won with flying colours.

More so did the judges as a result of his case further strengthen citizens rights in such cases, where they have grievances against the government, an outcome credited to Alain St. Ange.

St. Ange is a much sought after speaker on all matters tourism and aviation around the world, has authored and published several book now runs the St. Ange Tourism Consultance, based on the main Seychelles’ island of Mahe.

Herebelow is the interview published by Ozordi Dimans for the benefit of readers, with permission of Alain St. Ange.

This publication expresses delight that after several years out of office Alain St. Ange remains a highly respected ‘older statesman‘ and continues to share his experience and wisdom for the benefit of tourism in his own country and across the world.

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