Angama Amboseli Spearheads a New Face for Sustainable Safaris in Kenya


(Posted 01st March 2024)



Situated in Kenya’s pristine Kimana Sanctuary, among the shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro and surrounded by a Fever Tree forest, Angama Amboseli officially opened in November 2023. Transcending conventional boundaries, the lodge leans into the complex realities of human and wildlife coexistence. Set along a historic migratory route traversed by animals journeying between Amboseli National Park, the Chyulu Hills, and Tsavo West National Parks, the Sanctuary sits at a critical “pinch point”. Bustling with humans and their livestock by day, the active highway transitions into the domain of wildlife at night.

Developed by the team behind sister property Angama Mara, this new eco-destination is a testament to East Africa’s scenic beauty and bountiful wildlife, and the Sanctuary stands as the country’s first community-owned conservancy. Guided by a passion for conservation and sustainability, Angama Amboseli promises an immersive experience inspired by the ‘Super Tusker’ elephants that grace the landscape, befitting conscious travellers.

Angama Amboseli sleeps a maximum of 20 guests in 10 guest suites, including two sets of interleading family rooms. Each suite is an ode to the majestic elephants of the region and has been built to feel like a private sanctuary, complete with outdoor patios with spacious lounge areas, outdoor showers, and Angama’s signature rocking chairs. Guests can expect to be embraced by awe-inspiring vistas of Mount Kilimanjaro throughout their stay. Each element of the lodge has been thoughtfully navigated to preserve its surroundings, with trees incorporated into and around the buildings, and provides an idyllic base from which to undertake once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experiences while gently contributing to community upliftment through environmentally-sensitive luxury.




Angama Amboseli proudly champions conservational tourism through an innovative partnership with the Big Life Foundation, a non-profit organisation committed to the preservation of the Greater Amboseli Ecosystem. Through a unique and unorthodox model, Angama Amboseli strategically leases rather than purchases land, ensuring that the local Maasai community retains ownership. Working with Big Life for land management and conservation, this approach directs substantial lease fees back to the 844 family members who own the land and secures a minimum funding commitment of over $11 million over the next 25 years, underlining the lodge’s deep-rooted commitment to eco-tourism. At the heart of this success is the intrinsic collaboration with the Maasai community, the key conservation partner benefitting from the direct support through employment opportunities, lease payments, tourism revenue, and investments in healthcare and education. Visitors who wish to learn more about the preservation of the region can opt for an educational visit to Big Life HQ or patrol with rangers in the Sanctuary.

Moreover, Angama Amboseli proudly empowers women from the Maasai community through meaningful employment at its Weaving Studio. This initiative not only involves the creation of authentic and bespoke items for discerning lodge guests but also serves as a platform for sharing the rich artistry of Kenya. In fostering these cultural exchanges, guests receive unique handcrafted treasures and become active participants in a profound exploration of local traditions, creating lasting connections between visitors and the local community.




Kimana Sanctuary holds some of the last genetic links to the continent’s magnificent ‘ ‘Super Tuskers’’ – elephants with nearly 50 kg tusks that are so long, they almost reach the ground. Once common throughout Africa, these elephants have been poached into scarcity, making them rare and precious ambassadors of their kind – a delight for those in search of awe-inspiring encounters with wildlife. As one of the remaining havens in the world for the last of these elephant Tuskers to roam, Angama Amboseli offers a unique experience where coexistence and conservation harmoniously converge.

Beyond merely supporting the preservation of these iconic creatures, architect Jan Allan, meticulously infused inspiration and consideration of the Super Tuskers into the essence of the design of the lodge. From the sweeping curves to the unprecedented and sustainable use of elephant dung mixed with concrete as a medium, every detail tells a story of and pays homage to the prolific elephant population in this ecosystem. What’s more, Allan designed a specially crafted drinking trough below the raised-rim swimming pool for the resident herds that frequent the location. Guests can also elevate their views of the Tuskers from the Mnara viewing tower, which boasts panoramic views of the elephants, Mount Kilimanjaro and the other wildlife in the nearby marsh. Alongside exclusive traversing rights and unrestricted game viewing in the Kimana Sanctuary, visitors can expect to take in a myriad of species.

With sustainability at its very essence, Angama Amboseli is a single-use plastic-free lodge and has ensured to put programmes in place to repurpose unavoidable waste through the creation of building materials and more, as well as sending all recyclable waste to Nairobi for proper disposal.



Rates at Angama Amboseli start from USD 1,650 per person per night on a full board basis inclusive of guided safaris in Kimana and Amboseli, guided walking, laundry, WiFi, on-site guest experiences and child-minding.

Angama Amboseli is easily accessible via daily Safarilink flights from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to the sanctuary’s private airfield (four-person minimum), private charters to and from the Maasai Mara, or by car via a three-and-a-half hour drive from Nairobi.

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