Another 5Y registered aircraft crashes in South Sudan


(Posted 10th February 2024)


Images from social media sources via @JacdecNew


Reports have been received from South Sudan’s capital city of Juba, that a 40 year old African Express MD82 aircraft crashed upon landing in Malakal, while on a domestic flight originating in Juba.



The aircraft, registered as 5Y-AXL, MSN 49204, according to information received landed short of the runway, then suffered the collaps of the main and front gear and eventually came to a standstill on the runway, halting all further traffic in and out of Malakal.



It could not be ascertained how many persons were on board but there were no reports of serious injuries.

An air accident investigation has gone underway in South Sudan, supported by a team from the Kenyan air accident investigations unit.


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