Another crashlanding in South Sudan puts spotlight on regulators

(Posted 18th July 2022)

An aged Fokker 50 aircraft, used to transport cargo, suffered a main landing gear collapse upon touchdown in Rubkona / South Sudan, leading to a ‘runway excursion’ from which thankfully the crew of 3 on board walked away without major injuries.

The purportedly Kenyan registered aircraft, 5Y-JSN, suffered serious damages to hull, nose cone, left hand engine and wing.

(Picture courtesy of Twitter @Transponder1200)

The aircraft was reportedly chartered by the UN to carry food supplies and no doubt will the global organizations logistics teams now have a closer look at their chosen partners in aviation following just one too many such accidents in the past.

(Picture courtesy of Twitter @Transponder1200)

Notably could no owner / operator be established as the tail number shown on the aircraft did not appear in any of multiple searches carried out before filing this article, another cause for alarm for the regulators and aircraft accident investigators.

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