Another Zanzibar bound boat sinks, three tourists amongst the 11 passengers rescued.

The series of marine accidents in Tanzania just does not seem to end, as according to a regular source from the Tanzanian coast three wagenis aka tourists from overseas had to be pulled from the sea, as their boat, sailing from Pangani to Zanzibar, sank after running into heavy weather. A total of 11 passengers, according to the source, were rescued from the ocean before dusk on Sunday though one of the passengers is presumed dead after failing to rescue him together with the others.
In recent years Tanzania has been struck by a series of ferry sinkings, on Lake Victoria and between Zanzibar and Pemba island, and only weeks ago another ferry went down, after it had previously been grounded over safety concerns but made her way back to the ocean nevertheless.
Local media reports went further about the latest incident, blaming the owner of the boat to have literally forced the captain to sail inspite of his objections, as the bad weather was already apparent, and soon after reaching the open ocean passengers reportedly started to make mobile phone calls urging immediate assistance, as the boat took on water and eventually capsized in the high waves. The owner is reportedly now being investigated over the incident, and if indeed a passenger has drowned may be charged with manslaughter and sent to jail. Watch this space for breaking news from Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands for everything worth and important to read.

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