#Arusha business community asks for #Condor stop in JRO


(Posted 28th November 2023)



Following a workshop and seminar for travel agents and tour operators and a get together with the business community in and around Arusha, did it become clear that hopes were high that Germany’s Condor would consider stopping over in Arusha – not just for inbound traffic benefitting the Northern safari circuit but also for travelers wishing to fly out of Kilimanjaro International Airport directly to Frankfurt, and beyond.


Presently, anyone wishing to fly on Condor to Frankfurt, would first have to travel to Zanzibar, which is the current – and much in demand – beach destination for the airline in Tanzania, and connect from there. Precision Air in fact was reported to have signed an interline agreement with Condor so to facilitate travel from the airline’s mainland destinations to Zanzibar and connect from there to Frankfurt, on one ticket with bags checked through.


Similar meetings also took place in Zanzibar where the Honourable Minister of Tourism in Zanzibar, Mr.Simayi was guest of honour at the event.


(Seen above is AviaReps General Manager for Kenya and Tanzania Ms. Lilian Musyoka and Zanzibar’s Tourism Minister, the Hon. Simayi)



There, like in Arusha, were requests made to use the Condor flights to travel to Germany without having to fly via Dar es Salaam and other waypoints in Europe. Frankfurt is of course a major European hub for flights not just into Europe but to North, Central and South America as well as the Far East, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific nations.

ATCNews will watch developments in this regard and report updates as and when available, once routing decisions have been reviewed and made.


#Condor partners with #AviaReps in Eastern Africa

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