#AviaDev2018 is heading to #CapeTown linking aviation and tourism like no other


(Posted 24th April 2018)

According to the UNWTO statistics over 50% of all international tourists arrive at their destination by air.
In Africa this percentage is substantially higher. In their forecast for 2036 IATA predicts that Africa will an annual growth of 5.9%, making it the fastest growing region globally. By 2036, the continent will see an extra 274 million passengers a year for a total market of 400 million passengers.Given the importance of aviation to Africa’s tourism industry will AviaDev once again bring together key stakeholders to further explore and strengthen the linkages between aviation and the tourism industry in general.

Notably has Atta, the African Travel and Tourism Association, the continent’s primary and principal private sector tourism trade organization, signed up with AviaDev and is encouraging their members to participate in the event anda special deal for registration is available for Atta members.


The event will take place at the Southern Sun Hotel in Cape Town between 12th and 14th of June.

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