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The AviAssist Foundation is pleased to announce a series of upcoming courses during the Aviation Africa 2019 week at the Radisson Blu Hotel & Convention Centre in Kigali, Rwanda.
Your course tickets cover training from 25th – 26th February and includes a free ticket to access the Aviation Africa 2019 conference & exhibition on 27th & 28th February. It also comes with a free subscription to Africa’s SafetyFocus magazine and African Aerospace digital ebook.
Your course fees also raise funds in support of the programs of the AviAssist Foundation in Africa.

Use Aviation Africa 2019 to boost the safety capital of your company or organisation. Your insurance broker will love it…..

Aviation leadership development
Kigali, Rwanda – 25-26 February – US$ 650
Leadership remains one of the most critical and relevant aspects of the organizational context. Current and future leaders in the aviation industry require a deeper understanding of current issues and critical concerns as seen from the top of an aviation organization or company.

in line with the Foundation’s quality policy, this course takes no more than 12 attendees. Find out more here.

Kigali, Rwanda – 25-26 February – US$ 600
Aviation and aviation safety functions in a complex web of international air law and policy. A good understanding of international air law and policy is a crucial pillar of aviaition safety.
This course takes no more than 15 learners. Find out more here.
Human Factors in Aviation
Kigali, Rwanda – 25-26 February – US$ 600
Human performance is fundamental to operational safety in aviation as the majority of incidents and accidents are attributable to human error. This course introduces participants to the principles of human factors awareness, the factors that affect personal performance and how the human element interfaces with equipment, the working environment, the tools to be used and the organizational context.
This course takes no more than 15 learners. Find out more here.
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