Aviation news update – Fly 540 adds 10 USD fuel surcharge on EBB – NBO sector


Fly 540 yes overnight confirmed that they had to add a supplement of 10 US Dollars per person on the Entebbe – Nairobi route, each sector, due to the sharply risen cost of JetA1 aviation fuel, in particular in Entebbe, where the fuel companies, mainly Shell, charge the highest prices in the region, even more than the more distant Kigali. The airline has also pointed out that supplements for fuel are now also in place in Tanzania and Kenya, reflecting the general trend of the aviation industry.

A source from the airline said: ‘… and we of course regret this development but the recent rise in crude oil prices has now reached us and we cannot subsidize our fares which are already the lowest in the market’. Watch this space for regular updates on aviation issues from the entire Eastern African and Indian Ocean region. ‘Flash traffic’ via Twitter on @whthome and daily updates via this correspondent’s blog site at www.wolfganghthome.wordpress.com