Aviation news update – Kenya Airways going ‘greener’


Passengers flying with the ‘Pride of Africa’ can now make individual contributions towards carbon emission offsets by using the IATA Carbon Offset Calculator to establish the ‘value’ of their ‘pollution’, KQ’s latest effort to go greener in their operations. The voluntary contributions made by passengers are then passed on from the airline to a dedicated IATA account which supports selected environmental projects and programmes aimed at creating ‘offsets’ for emissions.

Besides this Kenya Airways was one of the first African airlines to sign up to the EU’s carbon offset trading scheme now in place and pledge full compliance, unlike all the Chinese airlines flying into the EU, which have just ‘protested’ the European Union’s move towards greater measures to protect our environment and safeguard the planet’s health for future generations.

KQ’s passengers, booking through the airlines’ website [www.kenya-airways.com] can easily ‘click’ on to the tool and make their individual contribution while those booking the traditional way through their chosen travel agency or in the airline sales offices too can make their offset contribution.

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