Aviation news update – Qatar Airways to go ‘daily’ to Seychelles


Information received indicates that after Emirates decided to go double daily from Dubai to Mahe, Qatar Airways too opted to ‘up their game’ and move to daily flights between Doha and Mahe.

Qatar, the self proclaimed 5star airline – travelers do seem to share this sentiment though according to web based review sites for airlines – is like other Gulf based carriers growing in leaps and bounds and is connecting a growing global network via their hub in Doha, where a new ‘super airport’ is also in the final stages of construction.

Offering daily connections to the Seychelles will allow passengers flying with Qatar to connect conveniently in Doha for the onward flight to the Mahe International Airport and the archipelago’s tourism industry showed broad smiles when the news broke of the added capacity coming on line soon.

The Seychelles enjoyed a record breaking year in 2010 and is set to do even better in 2011, and as a number of new top of the range resorts are coming on line – the Raffles only opened a few weeks ago and Kempinski too is building yet another world class resort – these new but also the existing resorts can be confident that there are enough seats to bring more visitors to the Creole islands. However, while the Seychelles does cater for the top end of the market, ‘Affordable Seychelles’ too is a reality as quality guest houses and ‘Bed and Breakfast’ establishment, mostly owned and managed by Seychellois citizens and often located in prime locations, cater for those who travel on a tighter budget and yet wish to visit the Seychelles to make a dream come true. The soon to be 21 flights a day from the Gulf to Mahe, 14 by Emirates and 7 by Qatar Airways, will be a big bonus for the country’s tourism sector and give visitors from around the world more choices of how to get to the archipelago.


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