#Aviation #Training #IATA: Webinar available for CBTA

(Posted 11th April 2022)

All your questions on CBTA answered
An IATA webinar on Implementing Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods contains detailed information on the CBTA approach.
Presentations cover:
The regulatory framework:
What are the roles and responsibilities under a CBTA approach to dangerous goods training?
Implementing CBTA:
What are the phases for development, implementation, and maintenance of a CBTA program?

CBTA Center: How will this new certification program support the industry in developing a competency-based dangerous goods training and assessment program?
Questions posed by the live webinar audience touched on a variety of topics, including the transition period to CBTA, feedback platforms, and CBTA requirements for CAAs, all of which were answered comprehensively by the experts on the webinar.

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