‘Beyond the Victoria Falls’ – a new book by Gill Staden

'Beyond the Victoria Falls'


(Comes Highly Recommended)






My friend Gill Staden, well known by my own readers for the regular content featured here from ‘The Livingstone Weekly’, has outdone herself, when she had her first ‘big book’ titled ‘Beyond the Victoria Falls’ published the other day and put on the shelves of book stores in South Africa, before reaching Zambia, Zimbabwe and the other countries mentioned in her lastest work.

Gill, an ardent writer and fellow ‘safariafficionado’ has spent much of her recent years driving around Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana and other parts of Southern Africa, and has truly not just seen it all but been able in her book to show us readers too and create the ‘taste for more’, hopefully attracting more visitors to Zambia, the falls area on both sides of the river and the wider region.

A resident in Livingstone / Zambia for the last 20 years and with an almost equal time previously in Nigeria and Botswana, Gill like few others captures the sights of the magnificent Victoria Falls of the Zambezi River and has plenty of stories to tell her readers, making the effort all worth the while to order the book, available now under ISBN 978-1-77007-856-7 which sells in South Africa at the recommended retail price of Rand 175.

More details are available from the publishers via kimt@randomstruik.co.za or by visiting the website of RHS – Random House Struik at www.randomstruik.co.za

Many sales should make for happy smiles all round, not just at Gill’s but the regular recipients and readers of ‘The Livingstone Weekly’ too, which she produces week in and week out with a passion as I myself know only too well.

Congrats Gill for a piece of art, because that is what it is, a piece of art, passion and love for Africa.