Birdlife South Africa presents ..


(Posted 21st July 2021)

Clare Neall, known to a great many of the ATCNews readers from her time with WTM Africa, has recently joined BirdLife South Africa as their PR and Event guru.
From the word go it was full steam ahead for Clare as she is preparing for one of BirdLife South Africa’s biggest events ever, the virtual Africa Bird Fair.
The online event will be held from the 30th to the 31st of July and is now just over a week away.
An impressive programme awaits participants of the virtual event and ornithologists and birders from around the world are invited to participate.
Details of the programme are shown below as is the web address of the event for registration:

This is a great opportunity for other African birding destinations, especially those in Eastern Africa like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, to link up with the event and hold up their own flags.

ATCNews wishes Clare the very best in her new assignment and BirdLife South Africa’s win is definitely WTM Africa’s loss.

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