#Boeing makes its largest purchase of blended sustainable aviation fuel


(Posted 17th April 2024)


Boeing has just made its largest-ever purchase of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), totalling 9.4 million gallons (35.6 million litres). This move is aimed at reducing carbon emissions and expanding the global SAF supply. The blend, consisting of 30% SAF and 70% conventional jet fuel, will power Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator program and U.S. commercial operational flights.


For over 15 years, Boeing has been actively involved in developing SAF pathways globally. This purchase reaffirms their commitment to sustainability.


This development is crucial, as it has the potential to drive global demand, which, in turn, can significantly impact Africa. Boeing works with partners on six continents to research, develop and commercialize new sources of SAF, including projects in both South Africa and Ethiopia.


You can find more details in the press release, “Boeing Makes its Largest Purchase of Blended Sustainable Aviation Fuel,” accessible here: Boeing Makes its Largest Purchase of Blended Sustainable Aviation Fuel – Apr 16, 2024 (mediaroom.com).


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