Bollywood comes to the Seychelles


(Posted 10th June 2015)

The Seychelles Tourism Board has thrown its full support behind a major Bollywood production which is presently being filmed on location on the islands.

The film, according to information received from Victoria, will be due for release in India in October, hitting the market in over 2.000 cinemas at once.

The lead actors, Shruti Hassan and John Abraham, are in the Seychelles to film scenes of their honeymoon, and keeping in tradition with Bollywood productions a song scene lasting several minutes, showing some of the islands spectacular backdrops.

STB hopes that through their support for the film will the Seychelles as a destination gain yet greater exposure across India, which is now connected by Mihin Lanka via Colombo, various Gulf carriers via their hubs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and since December last year also nonstop by Air Seychelles, which now flies four times a week from Mahe to Mumbai, with onward connections provided by partner airline Jet Airways.

The Seychelles are marketed in India as a premier honeymoon vacation spot and the annual Seychelles – India Day celebrations too have helped to massively increase the archipelago’s visibility in this ever more important market. A performing group from India also participated in this year’s Carnival International de Victoria to the amusement and applause of the tens of thousands of spectators lined up along the parade route. For more details on Destination Seychelles click on

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