Breaking Aviation News – Gulf Air suspends Entebbe flights

When Gulf Air returned to Uganda on the 05th of December with 4 flights a week, much hope and expectation was raised in Ugandan aviation circles that new options had opened up, for visitors coming to Uganda from across the Gulf Air network and travelers from Uganda flying to Europe, the Gulf, to India and beyond via Bahrain. The current circumstances in Bahrain however seem to have taken their toll on forecasts and route projections and it was just learned that effective 21st of February the airline will have to halt their flights to Entebbe again, until economic circumstances once more allow the airline to return to the Pearl of Africa and better loads make the route financially more viable.
Having been on their flights recently, it is therefore with a sad note that I have to wish Gulf Air a very sad Kwaheri ya Kuonana from Entebbe. The airlines daily flights to and from Nairobi however continue and it is understood that options are being explored between Gulf Air and Air Uganda to enter into an interline agreement so that those travelers who were instant converts as a result of the superior inflight service on GF can continue to fly with them, albeit for the time being via Nairobi. Happy landings my friends, until your wings extends once more to Entebbe.

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