Breaking News – Burundi becomes latest country to sign on to new Nile treaty


The apparent absence of constant diplomatic pressure from Egypt, attempting a last moment carrot and stick offensive to stop the remaining Nile Basin Initiative member countries from signing on to the new treaty version, has taken a setback when Burundi put pen to paper. Joining Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia the sixth signatory will now add pressure also on Congo DR to do the same, leaving the currently still united Sudan and Egypt as the odd countries out.

Preoccupied with internal political events, the Egyptians were unable to figure out in time what was happening in Bujumbura and exert pressure, and while the Egyptian long term strategy to secure their national interest, speak the Nile waters, remains unchanged their immediate tactics and behaviour are now hampered by lack of political directives and instruction. Diplomats abroad and anxiously watching events back home and reportedly got no directives or guidance from ‘home’ during the worst of the political upheavals in Cairo and only gradually now is ‘normality’ returning, although the position of government ministers remains precarious at best and their own future may preoccupy their minds more than anything else. Congo too however has just seen another feeble coup attempt and there as everywhere under such circumstances they first put up the lager before turning their attention once again to other pressing matter, which the Nile treaty undoubtedly is.

In regard of the regime in Khartoum, they too are toeing what has to be Egypt’s main line of thought but once the South’ becomes independent on the 09t of July, the new republic with undoubtedly assert their own interests over those of Khartoum and is expected to join the ‘water producers’, leaving only Cairo and regime Khartoum to ponder where to go next.

Watch this space for more news on this important African development.