Breaking News – Eastern Black Rhino gives birth in Serengeti


One of the rhinos relocated mid last year from South Africa has reportedly given birth in the Serengeti, ‘replacing’ the one which was cruelly butchered a few months ago for its horns. The source in Arusha asked not to specifically point to the location or area of the park, to deter poachers who may be looking out for such hints in the media, as conservationists still think that the protection measures for rhinos should be dialled up and strengthened, with a 24 / 7 cordon of rangers around them as is the case in other national parks in Eastern Africa too.

However, a source from TANAPA strenuously denied any lack of protection, saying that the killing of one of the prized animals has triggered extra efforts towards protection the remaining ones, but conceding that the next batch of rhino to be relocated from South Africa to the Serengeti may delay a little until everyone involved, especially the donors and development partners in the initiative are comfortable with the security set up. Congrats in any case to the rhino mother and the apparently healthy little one – gender is yet to be determined – and a long peaceful life in their natural habitat.