Breaking News – Kenya Airways launches ‘Valentine’s fares’ to Mombasa and Malindi


The ‘Pride of Africa’ has wasted no time to splash a ‘special Valentine’s Day Lovers Offer’ on the domestic market, selling two companion tickets for the unbelievable fare of KShs 9.999/- inclusive of all taxes, although there are strict rules on bookings and travel.

The fares are available from Nairobi to both Malindi and Mombasa for the global ‘lover’s day’ and the demand for a quick trip to the sunbathed coast has swiftly reached fever point amongst those wanting to impress their ‘Valentine’.

Travel dates are between 10th and 15th of February, giving enough time to accomplish the objective to make an impression. Kenya Airways Holidays has also put an all inclusive ‘special’ for Zanzibar on the market using the upmarket Zanzibar Beach Resort. Details can be accessed via

KQ is now also found on Twitter and Facebook, leaving clearly no medium out of their strategy to reach their faithful, and new travellers on ‘all channels’.

Said one competitor from Nairobi when asked: ‘as you know we are having a complaint filed about the level of the fares KQ charges on the route to Mombasa. I am surprised that they now launch an even lower tariff, even if it is only for a few days and a special occasion. Are we going to match it – not likely as time is not on our side to roll out a campaign and capture the market. But I maintain, these are eye catcher fares and if one of us [other airlines on the route] has to pull out you will see  how quickly ticket prices will go up again.’

However, travel agents were saying they are happy with the special ticket offer as they were able to sell extra bednights at the coast for a long weekend and one regular contact commented: ‘it is all about innovation now, isn’t it, KQ has some creative minds at work to come up with good fares and special packages and I am happy for that, and our clientele is happy too’.