Breaking News – Kenya announces date for annual tourism awards


Information was received overnight that Kenya’s tourism sector is planning to hold an award ceremony for leading tourism enterprises but also for the media covering tourism events and developments. The industry category will see as many as 7 awards being given while there will be three for journalists.

The announcement was made by the CEO of the Kenya Tourist Board and the CEO of the Kenya Tourism Federation, showing the unity between private and public sector and the common purpose of working together hand in hand for the common good of the industry.

While discussing the information with regular sources in Kenya the issue of the 2012 elections was also raised with the sector reiterating their demand that politicians refrain from any form of incitement and instead seek compromises in parliament over the many crucial issues related to the new constitution, so that peaceful elections can be held in Kenya next year and the growth of the tourism industry and its achievements over the past three years not be put into danger.

Only recently have industry leaders demanded positive behaviour from their political leadership, using the record breaking performance of 2010 as an example how well the country can do when peace and stability are assured and maintained.