Breaking News – Museveni wins election


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was as predicted re-elected with a massive majority of votes – 68 percent to be precise – leaving his opponents trailing in his wake with some hardly getting much more than a percent of the overall votes cast. It does leave one to wonder what on earth they were doing on the ballot in the first place, more so as one of the ‘aspirants’ did not even vote himself, failing to make it to his polling station on election day. Pre-election opinion polls were also once more right on target, leaving opposition protests about ‘rigging and malpractices’ sound as hollow as the claims themselves were. The following was overheard in the supermarket: ‘I am telling you, we could not lose, so if our man lost it was by rigging’… there still is no medicine for self delusion though.

Three times election loser Besigye too will hopefully now call it a day from politics, having excelled in  little else but saying no to much and instead of developing and presenting sound policy initiatives and alternatives to governmental policies, once more relied on his overall theme to simply get the office holder out of state house. Little was said about how he would run the country over the next 5 years and voters clearly took notice of the absence of a clear strategy other than wanting to sleep in State House. This approach again was a recipe for failure, as it was in 2001 and 2006 already and no amount of whining and complaining will change that now.

Hence it is congratulations to the winner President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for another 5 year term of office, hopefully used wisely in developing the nation, considering Uganda’s newly found oil riches making major infrastructural, educational and health programmes financially affordable. Well done Mzee!

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