Breaking News – Rwanda gives date for Kwita Izina 2011


Make a date with Rwanda in the week culminating with the annual Kwita Izina Gorilla naming festival, planned for the 18th of June this year.

This date still has to be confirmed by the Rwandan cabinet though, showing the importance tourism has in general and Kwita Izina in particular for the government of the ‘land of a thousand hills’.

The festival idea, now almost a decade old, has become the envy of neighbouring countries all of whom are now naming gorilla babies too but have failed to introduce a similar festivity without being called ‘copy cats’. The attendance of Kwita Izina has in recent years risen sharply, when the preceding week was also filled with activities, and wildlife conservationists are now making an annual pilgrimage to Kigali and Ruhengeri, to give lectures, participate in workshops and seminars, help with community based activities and generally support a country which has distinguished herself beyond doubt as one of the globally most committed conservation supporters.

Would be participants are informed that in particular in the Ruhengeri area hotel and lodge space will be very very limited that weekend and that early arrangement are strongly advised to ensure space is confirmed. So book a date with Rwanda and be part of Kwita Izina 2011. Watch this space for further updates as and when available.