Breaking News – Seychelles invites naval ships to Victoria during ‘Carnival Festival’


The Seychelles’ first ever ‘Carnival Festival’ due to be held between 04th and 06th of March continues to attract attention from the traditional carnival countries, many of which have committed to send delegations to Mahe, but of late also from another quarter.

The coastguard / navy of the Seychelles has invited members of the naval coalition to ‘show flag’ at the port of Victoria during the festival, and a special invitation has been extended to the navies of the Eastern African mainland countries like Kenya and Tanzania, to each send one of their ships to the archipelago.

This is thought to be a measure of both adding an extra attraction, having warships in harbour during the high profile festival, but also a measure of solidarity since the Seychelles continues to be a base for replenishing ships on ocean duty and a much desired R&R destination for the crews.

The Seychelles has established itself as a main base for anti piracy operations, including regular aerial surveillance flights which relay crucial information to surface ships and the uncompromising stand of the Seychelles government has in the past repeatedly led to the freeing and rescue of ships and hostages. ‘Showing flag’ therefore at the port of Victoria will undoubtedly also send a message out that the archipelago, and its numerous allies, are determined to defend and keep open the sea lanes for cargo and passenger ships.

Meanwhile though, all eyes will be watching the calendar as the countdown continues towards ‘The Creole Carnival’ the archipelago’s tourism industry has promised to their visitors in early March.

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