Breaking News – SSRC confirms 98.83 percent yes vote for South Sudan independence


The South Sudan Referendum Commission, known in short as SSRC, has yesterday confirmed the final results of the independence referendum held in the South Sudan but also in the north of the country, in neighbouring countries with substantial South Sudanese Diaspora populations and in fact across the world in many established voting centres.

The result came as no surprise when 98.83 percent yes votes were published, although some close observers have put a small question mark on the figure  which was internally (in the South) expected to be in the 99+ percentage margin.

Nevertheless, the final reading of the results was greeted with extensive celebrations in South Sudan, which is now preparing for formal independence to take effect on the 09th of July.

A national anthem, a national flag and other relevant ‘ingredients’ are already in place and the name, as reported here two weeks ago, will be The Republic of South Sudan – it is not known if the regime in Khartoum will retain the name ‘The Republic of the Sudan’ or change it to contain the word ‘North’ in the new set up.

It is also understood that ‘doubting Thomases’ are now rushing to Juba, the present capital of the soon independent new country, falling literally over themselves with investment proposals to the government there, raising more than eyebrows and questions like ‘where have you been all this time’ – indicative that while investments are welcome, those who came in soon after the CPA in early 2005 will be having the ‘advantage’ over newcomers, and rightly so.

In particular in the tourism, hospitality and aviation sector is movement now seen, as opportunities await investors in the city of Juba, the state capitals, the national parks and around the South. Watch this space.