#BreakingNews as Cessna Grand Caravan ‘goes missing’ on final approach into #Fomboni / #Comoros

(Picture source: Web)

(Posted 26th February 2022)


From added reports by Comoros sources have parts of the aircraft wreckage been found but no survivors spotted in the sea. The efforts have turned from a Search and Rescue mission to a recovery mission.

Condolences to the families and friends of all those on board the stricken aircraft!

According to reports received did a Tanzanian registered Cessna Grand Caravan, 5H – MZA, MSN: 208B5278, disappear from radar while making its approach to Bander es Salaam Airport, Fomboni, Comoros – on the island of Moheli.

On board the missing aircraft were 12 passengers and 2 crew. The plane was on a scheduled flight from the main Comoros island of Moroni.

Search and rescue action was immediately launched but as of now no information has been received if the missing aircraft, any passengers and crew members have been found.

The Tanzanian registered aircraft is according to information sources from the web – TCAA website – owned by Fly Zanzibar Limited of P O BOX 3648 ZANZIBAR.

It is unclear if the aircraft was leased out to AB Aviation of Comoros by Fly Zanzibar.

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