#BreakingNews as plane crash in Eastern Congo kills all on board


(Posted 23rd December 2021)

A cargo flight, enroute from the Eastern Congolese city of Goma – ICAO FZNA – to Shabunda – ICAO FZMW – crashed less than 10 miles from the destination airport and all crew on board the Short 360 aircraft were killed on impact. Goma and Shabunda are approximately 150 miles apart.

The aircraft, reportedly owned and operated by Malu Aviation, DRC, was registered as 9S-GPS and had the MSN SH3752.

The aircraft was assembled in 1989 entered service the same year with Rheinland Air Service in Germany, followed by other owners and operators, before in 2013 becoming part of the Malu Aviation fleet.
Malu Aviation, like many other Congolese registered airlines, is one of the airlines on the EU Blacklist on which it was put in 2006 already.
Malu, according to records seen, suffered other crashes as far back as 1996 with a DHC Twin Otter and in 2000 with an Antonov A32, suffering fatalities in both incidents.
In 2006 another accident took place with a Nord 262A and a Grumman Gulfstream G159 in 2013, both with fatalities and another Gulfstream G159 incident in 2015 from which passengers and crew escaped unharmed.

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