Brussels Airlines offers new cabin product for East African market


Brussels Airlines, serving Nairobi, Entebbe, Kigali and Bujumbura in the East African region, has announced that the retrofitting of their Airbus A330 aircraft with an entirely new cabin product for both Economy and Business Class has been completed on schedule.

The new facilities on board are now available on every flight to and from the region, after initially introduced on a brand new aircraft which joined the fleet last year when nonstop daily flights between Brussels and New York were introduced.

The new seats in Business Class now offer a massage function, a most welcome feature on the long flights when passengers from Africa connect in Brussels to the United States, but also has novel features like touch screens allowing access to a range of inflight entertainment with the latest films, series, news lasting up to 100 hours. The 2 metre long full flatbed comes in particularly handy on overnight flights with meetings soon after arrival, and the inflight catering too has been upped considerably to match the enhanced cabin facilities.

The Economy Class seats too are now state of the art, with larger individual screens and better ergonomics including adjustable headrests. Catering and the choice of beverages, in particular of available wines, have been improved too.

Happy Landings to Happy Passengers.

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