#BrusselsAirlines and #Skywings Flight Training start new training for cadet pilots


(Posted 12th April 2024)



Future pilots can be recruited by Brussels Airlines even before their pilot training starts.

Brussels Airlines launches a new partnership with Skywings, a flight training academy based in Antwerp. The program allows cadet pilots to be recruited by the airline even before they have started their training. Skywings will train these future pilots according to the high standards of Brussels Airlines and familiarize them to the airlines’ procedures.

Brussels Airlines has entered an exciting new era with growth and opportunities. New aircraft are joining the fleet and new destinations are being added to the network. To foster this growth, Brussels Airlines is hiring new recruits across the board. ?

To accelerate the onboarding process of first officers, Brussels Airlines launches a partnership with Skywings Flight Training in Antwerp. In close cooperation, a “Multi Pilot Licence-program” is created. This means candidates are being recruited together with the airline even before training starts. During the training, cadets immediately start the process for a Multi Pilot Licence (MPL), allowing them to fly planes with more than one pilot, which is the case of all aircraft Brussels Airlines operates. The candidates will also be trained on simulators and be familiarized with the procedures of the Belgium’s national airline.

Once the training is completed, these pilots can join Brussels Airlines as first officer on the A319 and A320 fleet, hereby making a lengthy selection process or an Ab Initio training within the airline redundant.

Said Filip Aerts, Head of Flight Operations, Brussels Airlines: ‘This collaboration is a real win-win for all parties involved. The flight training becomes more affordable for the candidates and is a high-speed ticket to a career at Brussels Airlines. At the same time, it allows us to make trainings more efficient so we can welcome our colleagues on board as soon as possible.


Every year, Brussels Airlines will be able to welcome 20 to 30 pilots via the collaboration with Skywings. This does not exclude pilots from other flight schools to join the airline, as the need for pilots currently is high.


Added Pieter Brantegem, Chief Commercial Officer, Skywings Flight Training: ‘Through our partnership with Brussels Airlines, Skywings Flight Training is excited to offer a Multi Pilot License program that turns aspiring pilots into professionals in just 19 months. Together, we’re committed to not only providing top-tier training but also to fostering a future where our graduates seamlessly transition to their careers at Brussels Airlines.


Candidates can apply for the MPL-training via the Brussels Airlines job website. The training will start this autumn, the first pilots who will graduate from this program will be flying for Brussels Airlines as from 2026.


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