#BrusselsAirlines continues to grow as May data reveal


(Posted 13th June 2018)

Brussels Airlines registered 5.3% passenger growth in May

Two strike action days notwithstanding has Belgium’s Brussels Airlines again shown an uninterrupted growth trend with overall 5.3 percent more passengers uplifted in May this year.

Compared to the same month last year, Brussels Airlines performed 7.3% less flights in May. The decrease in flights was caused by the social actions of the airline’s pilots on May 14th and May 16th, prompting the cancellation of 557 flights. However, the number of passengers traveling on a Brussels Airlines flight rose by 5.3% compared to May 2017.

On the European network the airline registered a passenger growth of 4.8%, while the number of passengers travelling on North American flights rose by 1.3%. Compared to the same month last year, 2.7% more customers have chosen Brussels Airlines for flights to and from the Middle East. The strongest increase was noted on the African network, where 14.1% more guests boarded a Brussels Airlines flight. The number of people traveling with Brussels Airlines to Asia decreased by 13.2%, due to a lower flight offer. In May 2018 the airline operated 40 flights to Mumbai, compared to 44 flights in May 2017.

Despite the decrease in operated flights, the Available Seat-Kilometers (ASK) increased by 3.9%, due to the replacement of the last AVRO jets (100 seats) by bigger Airbus aircraft (180 seats). The Passenger Load Factor climbed up from 76.5% in May last year to 80.3% in May 2018. Thanks to its increased offer, Brussels Airlines was able to continue offering competitive fares and attract even more customers. This means, however, that the pressure on the ticket prices remains very high.

The Cargo Load Factor increased by 4.3 percentage points to an average of 69.7%, while the Revenue Ton-Kilometers (RTK) grew by 11.0%. The transported cargo volume amounted to 4,446 tons.

The following statistics do not include the passengers on board of the many charter flights Brussels Airlines operates on behalf of tour operators.


  May 2018  May 2017 difference in %
Flights 7,142 7,701 -7.3%
Total Passengers 883,784 839,320 5.3%
— Passengers Europe 733,234 699,654 4.8%
— Passengers Africa 90,712 79,528 14.1%
— Passengers North America 33,480 33,049 1.3%
— Passengers Middle East 18,392 17,908 2.7%
— Passengers Asia 7,966 9,181 -13.2%
Available seat-kilometers  (ASK) 1,883,465,284 1,812,135,939 3.9%
Revenue Passenger-Kilometers  (RPK) 1,512,917,751 1,386,237,524 9.1%
Passenger Load Factor (%) 80.3% 76.5% 3.8 %pt
Available Ton-Kilometers (ATK) 219,776 216,130 1.7%
Revenue Ton-Kilometers  (RTK) 174,203 162,034 7.5%
Cargo Load Factor (%) 69.7% 65.4% 4.3 %pt

These results are based on figures currently available

Brussels Airlines flies presently 6 times a week to Entebbe / Uganda – the 

reduction of flights from the previously operated daily schedule is explained 
by one of the airline’s Airbus A330 aircraft undergoing heavy maintenance –
of which five are routing via Kigali / Rwanda and one via Bujumbura / Burundi.
The airline now serves 122 destinations of which 24 are in Africa, over 90 cities
across Europe and of course three North American destinations, namely
Toronto, New York and Washington besides Tel Aviv and Mumbai. 
Meanwhile was it also learned that the airline’s management has make fresh
proposals to the unions to avoid another costly repeat of the strike action which
was inflicted on Brussels Airlines in May. 
The current proposal is the result of a joint working group that mainly focussed on the improvement of the current duty and rest time rules and other measures further enhancing the work life balance of the pilots, as well as a compensation plan.

The new proposal represents an important investment both financially as well as in terms of resources for the company and answers to the majority of the concerns of the Brussels Airlines cockpit community.

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