#BrusselsAirlines good labour relations set to keep the airline flying

(Posted 17th October 2022)

The Belgian flag carrier, Brussels Airlines, has once again shown its capacity and willingness to constructively engage with its social partners, discuss issues and find solutions, to avoid labour action such as strikes.

Said Maaike Andries, Spokesperson for Brussels Airlines:

Over the summer the management and social partners of Brussels Airlines convened regularly to tackle the concerns of our crew members and to better balance the workload of all operational staff. All parties agreed that the work-life balance should be healthy, yet realistic in view of the current challenging and competitive climate. A series of improvements to the rostering process have already been implemented. Other measures need more time and will be implemented later on. We continue to look for workload-reducing and/or quality-improving initiatives, with additional meetings for both cockpit and cabin crew together with the crew scheduling department.
?Last Friday, after several sessions with the union representatives, the management of Brussels Airlines will put a proposal on the table to also improve the reward package of the cockpit crew. Given the non-indexation of the pilots’ flexible reward package, we acknowledge the concerns this raises in this community in view of the current exceptional inflation and overall economic recession. On top of the cafeteria plan that allows for a substantial optimisation of the pilots’ salary package, we want to work out a solution that further addresses this concern, while keeping a close eye on our fragile cost position.
?We are happy that the positive process of collaboration with the social partners that was kicked off at the start of the summer continues at a good pace and we thank our social partners for their commitment and their constructive contribution in making sure our company and our people are given perspective and chances to grow.”

Brussels Airlines flies daily to Entebbe in Uganda, five times a week via Kigali / Rwanda and twice a week via Bujumbura / Burundi. Brussels Airlines is one of the most popular airlines serving Entebbe, in good part for their service on both the ground and in the air.