#BrusselsAirlines #Uganda – Your connection to friends and family all around the world


(Posted 21st March 2023)



Glad to be back in good company


Friends and family truly matter. They support you, push you and comfort you. Whenever it’s needed, and wherever they are. Nurturing these kinds of connections is important.


That’s why Brussels Airlines connects friends and families from all around the world. How we do that? By flying to more than 17 destinations in Africa (from Europe), and to more than 70 destinations in the rest of the world (from Africa).

Yvonne Nelson: true friendship has no limits!
As a teenager Yvonne felt a huge vacuum because her mother had to raise her all by herself. Luckily, she could always count on her dear friend Ato. Now, she is a Film Director, and she has her own film studio. Her career is taking her places… to London, for example. To thank her friend for his everlasting support.