CAPA-Envest Sustainability Benchmarking Report Has Launched


(Posted 01st December 2022)


CAPA is excited to announce that the second edition of the CAPA-Envest Airline Sustainability Benchmarking Report is now available
The report is the industry’s first single source of truth on emissions, benchmarking airlines and their performance as they transition to net zero operations. Now in its second year, this report is sure to capture the attention of the entire aviation industry.
The report includes:
  • An independently evaluated “airline sustainability rating” system, based upon a range of key emissions metrics and utilising a range of publicly available data points.
  • The numerous challenges presented in the post-COVID-19 recovery and seeks to provide a clear and consistent set of fact-based metrics to assist stakeholders in their industry engagement and decision-making.
  • A clearly designed stated objective of establishing an independent and objective (non-political) index that can serve as the potential future foundation for industry-wide policy-making.
  • A credible and data driven framework for corporate travel buyers and the businesses servicing these customers capable of helping with the design and implementation of sustainable travel policies and the subsequent allocation of budget (i.e. the buying of airline tickets) towards airlines that are performing better overall in the new index.


Report sneak preview