Celebrate World Rivers Day with a splash! 116 Days to go to meet at River Gura in Central Kenya


(Posted 29th May 2024)


Experience some amazing activities:-

Celebrate World Rivers Day with a splash! Dive into a thrilling day of activities including hiking adventures, scenic views, and relaxing riverbank yoga sessions. Join a community cleanup to protect and preserve our precious river, then unwind with a riverside picnic featuring live competition dances and local delicacies. Don’t miss the eco-workshops where you can learn about river conservation, sustainable practices and traditional artistry works. Cap off the day with a toasting to the beauty and vitality of our rivers and awards for the best participants. Dive in and make waves this World Rivers Day!



Scenic views

Immerse yourself in nature’s breathtaking beauty with scenic views that captivate the soul.


Hiking adventures

Embarking on a meditative, thrilling treks along the river. Enjoy the serene sounds of flowing water and capture the views from riverbank overlooks. A perfect reconnection for nature lovers.

Arts and Gifts

Scale up to garner the day’s amazing gifts. Participants will be honored with certficates of partcipation, recognizing their commitments to preserving and celebrating our rivers.



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