Celebrating World Rhino Day


(Posted 23rd September 2023)


African Parks becomes the custodian of the single largest remaining southern white rhino population. © Brent Stirton / Getty Images


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Returning rhino to the wild gives us renewed hope for the long-term survival of healthy eco-systems that benefit both wildlife and people.

African Parks recently became the custodian of 2,000 southern white rhino where we have one clear objective: to rewild these rhino to safe, well managed protected areas across Africa over the next decade.




Rhino are typically the last species to be reintroduced into an area that has been stabilised and secured, serving as a symbol of progress and hope for the restoration of landscapes and the wellbeing of communities. The presence of rhino contributes to ecosystems by providing nutrient cycling, storing carbon, and increasing tourism revenue for local people.

Our core work is effectively managing protected areas on behalf of and in collaboration with governments and local communities. With 22 parks under management in 12 countries in Africa, we are actively conserving over 20 million hectares of intact nature. With a long history of successfully bringing black and white rhino back into rehabilitated landscapes in Malawi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, we are taking another significant step forward for rhino conservation.

While we shine a light on the importance of rhino conservation and the impact they have on ecosystems this World Rhino Day, our work goes far beyond a single species, and focuses on ensuring secure, healthy systems where wildlife and people can thrive.

Donate to African Parks to help support and protect more species, more landscapes, and impact more people’s lives.




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