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Chimpanzee Trust February 2015 bulletin

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spacer.gif Ngamba chimpanzee politics

Umutama, whom we earlier reported to be having an upper hand in leading the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee community has had a fall back this season. This happened when he succumbed to what the caregivers termed as minimal pressure from his contender Kalema that forced the exotic Umutama up onto the electric fence to the raceway corridor.

On the said morning, Kalema picked up a fight with Umutama but the later, who is used to getting support from the big chaps in the group didnot get any this time. This forced him to brave the electric shocks from the fence. Kalema emerged the winner that day.

spacer.gif Circumcision to curb island HIV virus rate

Safe male circumcision is a widely spread campaign in Uganda as a tool used to reduce the risk of HIV and promote good personal hygiene among men. We borrowed this strategy and partnered with The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) to extend free male circumcision in communities neigbouring Ngamba Island.

150 males were circumcised including children. During the four day camp on Myende and Koome Islands the TASO team also offered free HIV/AIDS counseling and testing for over 200 people.

This was done as part of our ‘Sustainable living on Lake Victoria’ program that supports communities neighbouring Ngamba Island to extend health, sanitation and environment conservation messages to these communities.

spacer.gif Itohya forest thriving with new chimpanzee additions
Last month we reported about acquiring camera traps to help us monitor chimpanzee behaviour and ecology in Itohya forest in Western,Uganda. From the latest images captured by the camera, we have observed two baby chimpanzees; estimated at 1 year. Itohya forest is a 374 hectare privately owned forest, located35 km south of Hoima Town. It is a home to approximately 60 chimpanzees under the sustainable management of St. Josephs Vocational and training College, Munteme with support from Chimpanzee Trust. Chimpanzee Trust has been monitoring chimpanzees in this forest since 2009.


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