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(Posted 12th October 2022)

Monthly news & updates

Welcome to the Spooky Season! 

Scroll through for updates on the developments at Coastal. Last Minute Fares (NEW)**

We are introducing LM Fares effective from 15th October 2022. 

A few things to note:

LM Class fares will be 50% of our standard Y Class (Non-Res) fares
The fares will be visible and bookable within 10 days of departure
This is commissionable with a fixed 10% commission to all our agents. 
Only bookable through travel agents/tour operators!
For further information please contact our Reservations team at: 

Promo Fares – Dar/Znz to Arusha

Grab your pumpkin and your bags and let Coastal fly you to your next adventure! 
With our daily promo fares of 150,000 Tshs 
Don’t get spooked, just book!
NOTE: The fare is not commissionable


Inducement Policy

Sending a follow-up on the email sent a year ago, we have reviewed our inducement policies as per below:

For all flights from Serengeti to Ruaha/Selous during the peak season i.e 15th June – 15th Sept and 15th Dec – 15th Jan the inducement reduces to 4 pax, however, only commissionable from 6 pax.

For further information please contact our Reservations team at: 


“On behalf of Coastal, I was honored to receive the 1st Prize award from Honourable Minister of Tourism and Natural Resources Tanzania, Dr. Pindi Hazara Chana, for Best Airline Operator in Southern & Northern Circuit at TANAPA Tourism Awards show.

Once again I would like to thank you all for your continued appreciation and support; it wouldn’t have been possible without you!” – Capt. Maynard Mkumbwa, CEO 


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