#CoastalAviation advises of new measures at #Arusha Municipal Airport

Dear ATCNews Readers,

We have recently been advised that with immediate effect, enhanced security measures have been put in place at Arusha airport, Tanzania, with regards to the handling of cargo and envelopes.

Our understanding of the rules is as follows:

  • Any cargo/envelope from Arusha to any destination will be inspected by TRA officers or airport authorities. At the time of hand over to Coastal Aviation, cargo and envelopes must be open and then sealed by the sender in front of our nominated employees.
  • Precious minerals and cash money will no longer be accepted, to be shipped on board of our aircraft.
  • Any cargo/envelope received in Arusha airport from Zanzibar will be subject to TRA fees and inspection by the relevant authorities.

Kindly be advised that violation of Safety and Security controls may lead to prosecution by the authorities.

In summary, Coastal recommends all of our customers to:

  • arrive in good time to allow for the formality of the inspection procedures, at least 90 minutes before the flight. We do not wish to delay our scheduled flights, i.e. disrupt out passengers at the expense of delayed cargo.
  • be patient and co-operate through the process, as it is designed to assure us of the Safety and Security of airline operations.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Kind Regards,
The Flying Safari Team

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