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Dear ATC Readers,

It is always a privilege to be writing this newsletter, especially as we approach the final month of the year and our final peak season for 2018.

MCC Launch

Tomorrow is a monumental day for Coastal, as Saturday December 1st will be the launch of Multi-Crew Coordination (MCC, pilots working as a team in the cockpit) on all our commercial flights. Following a drawn-out period of intense pilot recruitment and months of rigorous training, our pilot numbers have now increased to 80 allowing each flight to be operated safely with two competent crew members.
At Coastal, we are proud to be pioneering and resetting the standards of Operations in Tanzania, yet again. This MCC initiative will foster greater standards of safety, to give our passengers the comfort and reassurance that they expect of Coastal.

New Slipway Offices and Contact Centre

Some of you may be aware of the revamping of our Head Office operations at the Slipway in Msasani, Dar es Salaam. Phase 1 has been completed and recently, our core support functions moved into their State-of-the-Art mezzanine offices. With an open office layout and upgraded technology capability, we are hoping to foster even more collaborative team working and an enjoyable work environment.
Phase 2, due to be completed mid-February 2019, will see the opening of our Sales Showroom. We will be able to bring together all our Sales functions’ under one roof, where customers can choose how they contact us. The showroom will obviously allow for walk-in customers, but with the advanced communication systems, our customers can choose how they want to communicate with us. We hope to also improve our hours of accessibility, but more on that later.
If you’re in the vicinity, please do pop by and come see how new Coastal is evolving. Otherwise, please do drop me a line on customer.cmc , with any feedback or comments you may have.

Thank you for your patronage and support of Coastal.
Wishing you Safari Njema,

Shaf Syed
Accountable Manager

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