#CoastalAviation updates their ‘inducement’ policy


(Posted 01st February 2023)




Dear ATCNews readers and partners,

We have recently reviewed our inducement policies and updated them below; this will take effect from 1st February 2023.

  • Flights to or from Kigali – 3pax
  • Flights to or from Rubondo – 4pax
  • Flights from Serengeti to Ruaha/Selous – 4pax

Please NOTE:

  • The RUB inducement is to/from Serengeti, Mwanza, and Kigali
  • The KGL inducement is to/from Serengeti, Mwanza, Rubondo

If you are connecting from ARK to RUB (ARK-SEU-RUB) then it is only the SET-RUB leg that will have the surcharge. Same as KGL-LKY (KGL-SEU-LKY)

We also have a few updates on our network;

  • Our Kigali and Ruaha/Selous flights will be open again to book from the 1st of June 2023.
  • Due to runway restrictions, we are not able to offer XL seats out of Mwiba. Guests will be required to book a cargo seat, please contact our office for clarification.
  • Kindly find the latest Schedules & Fares for 2023 – 2025 for your use. Download here

All you need is love …

and a getaway flight to the Bush!

Enjoy our reduced fares to Arusha from Dar/Zanzibar for only 150,000 Tshs (tax inclusive)

For more information please contact our reservations team at +255 699 999 999 Ext 200 or alternatively email us at reservations@coastal.co.tz


We are participating at ITB Berlin

from 7th March – 9th March!

Come meet our dynamic team at the Coastal Travels booth at ATTA Stand, to learn more about the MCC, our Internationally recognized safety standards, Private Charters, and many progressive changes to enhance the customer experience.

If you would like to book prior appointments with us, contact Janine Deetlefs or Kieran Barnard at janine.deetlefs@coastal.co.tz and kieran.barnard@coastal.co.tz

See you in Berlin!

The Flying Safari Team!

Coastal Aviation | The SlipwayDar es Salaam, 0000 Tanzania

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