#ColobusConservation needs your support to prevent electrocution of Colobus in #Diani #Kenya


(Posted 21st November 2023)


Dear  ATCNews Readers, Dear Friends of Colobus Conservation,

We need your help to reduce a tragic rise in electrocutions of the IUCN Vulnerable listed Angolan black-and-white Colobus (Colobus angolensis palliatus) in Diani, Kenya. In the past five years, 93 Colobus monkeys have suffered this fate, and the rate of deaths is increasing. Indeed, electrocutions now account for 30% of non-natural monkey deaths each year!

The cause of this tragic situation is the inevitable development of the area resulting in more electric power lines being installed which, sadly, the monkeys view as easy pathways between patches of forest. The frequent result is electrocution and immediate death or, even worse, horrific maiming and a lingering death.

Therefore, we are on a mission to reduce these avoidable tragedies by insulating 6,200 metres of power lines at 19 sites identified as electrocution ‘hotspots’. The total cost of us purchasing and installing the insulation will be $15,500. Or put another way, each $50 you donate will enable us to insulate 20 metres. Together, we can significantly reduce these avoidable deaths!

Our appeal will run from Monday 20th November to 31st December but can we ask that, if possible, you make your donation on Tuesday 28th November as it will then qualify us to earn a proportion of the $1,200,000 bonus fund being offered by Global Giving to be shared proportionally between organizations who receive donations on Giving Tuesday!

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