#ColobusConservation says thank you for the support you gave them in 2022


(Posted 29th December 2022)


Hello Dear ATCNews Readers and Friends


If there is one thing Team Colobus is grateful for is the support we have received from all of you this year.

Everyone who liked and shared our posts, everyone who adopted a monkey, everyone who gave to our campaigns, everyone who volunteered with us, and everyone who just wants to see our work expand.

We have had a Global Giving campaign that has been running the whole of December; it might have appeared in your email a lot of times, and it is because we cannot stress enough how much we need a new truck.

We need the truck to rescue more sick and injured monkeys in Kwale.

We need the truck to transport tree seedlings to the whole of Kwale for planting.

We need the truck to increase our education awareness efforts throughout Kwale.

It might seem like a simple feat, but Colobus Conservation expanding means that the forest cover in Kwale will improve; it means that more primates will receive the urgent care they need.

It means that through our education awareness programs, a generation of students will be trained on the importance of conservation, and when they are old, they will not depart from it.

Today we have TWO DAYS to end our campaign, and all we ask for is your support as the year comes to an end through a donation in the attached link
Thank you!

Your comments are welcome and will receive a response in due course.

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