#ColobusConservation – updates on their December fundraising campaign


(Posted 17th March 2023)


Team Colobus is grateful for the support provided by their supporters and donors.

They began ther Global Giving campaign on Giving Tuesday, which was on 29th November 2022, hoping to raise funds to buy a new rescue vehicle to help expand ther work to Kwale County. This need for expansion came about due to various reasons, which include;

1. The rescue truck that the organization owns cannot cover the Diani and Kwale stretch concurrently. Hence, relying on it while expanding Colobus Conservation’s work would result in delays in rescue operations. Therefore, a new rescue truck would be more efficient and reliable, reducing the time and cost of rescue operations.

2. The need to access communities living in Colobus adjacent forests. The vehicle would be used to carry indigenous tree seedlings for forest landscape restoration, and equipment for our conservation outreach programs. These outreach programs are aimed at supporting the communities that rely on forest ecosystem services while protecting the threatened colobus monkey and other primates, as well as other forest-dependent wildlife.

Their target for the December campaign was $20,000 and they raised $12,345 (1.6 million Kenyan shillings) both online and offline.

After this campaign, Colobus Conservation tried reaching out to different corporates and individuals to raise the difference of $7,655 but to no avail.

Their ideal rescue vehicle was a new double-cabin pickup truck but due to the amount raised, they are now considering buying a second-hand double-cabin pickup truck or a Toyota Succeed by mid-April 2023, to help in the expansion of their work to Kwale County.

The first step towards their expansion efforts is carrying out a Colobus Census and forest disturbance survey in Kwale, which Team Colobus has already begun.

Colobus Conservation will get back by Mid-April with news and pictures of the vehicle they will purchase.

Thank you so very much for the support accorded to them and they truly appreciate you all for giving to their work!

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