Combined WHO and Ministry of Health team confirm Ebola outbreak in Uganda

A joint team of Ministry of Health and World Health Organization officials has yesterday officially confirmed in Kampala that an outbreak of Ebola has in recent days killed 14 people in the western district of Kibaale, some 200 KM from Ugandas capital city. Samples were tested at Ugandas Virus Research Institute and the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta and both confirmed that it was the deadly Ebola virus which had once again reared its ugly head in the country. Researchers are presently attempting to find the source of the outbreak. According to information received one health worker is amongst those who died as in the early stages of the outbreak a set of well established precautions had not yet been rolled out, and at least 12 members of the same family also were named as amongst the victims. A full isolation of the affected area is in place and tourism sources were swift to point out that the area was not in the immediate vicinity of tourism attractions and visitors were most unlikely to be affected when visiting the country. Uganda has in the past gained global acclaim in dealing with periodic Ebola outbreaks for the comparably lower death rate accomplished through intense care and isolation procedures and past outbreaks were at least in part attributed to having the alpha patient come from across the borders, bringing the disease with them.
The team deployed in Kibaale has indicated that the outbreak is now fully contained and no further spread is expected to take place.

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  1. I do not see a date attached to the article other than a date lower on in the page. Is this article current with todays date 29 July 2012 ?

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