Congo Civil Aviation grounds 29 planes over safety concerns

A Goma based aviation source in periodic contact with this correspondent has told the story of Congos Civil Aviation Authority, in a flurry of apparently renewed activity, grounding some 29 planes of airlines registered in Kinshasa. The aircraft belong according to the same source to about 20 airlines and their Certificates of Airworthiness were all withdrawn over a range of documentary discrepancies and disputes between the CAA and the respective operators.
Said the source in an email only just accessed after being off air for nearly 30 hours due to WiFi failure on location at Mombasas south coast: They licensed a new airline the other day and now they are grounding four of their planes. I dont know what happened but should this not have been raised during the licensing process or before they get an ASL or AOC? That is a bit strange but for other airlines, if documents these days are not certified and show the complete history of the aircraft then there is a problem. ICAO must have told them at the Kampala aviation safety week conference where we met and on other occasions that they need to enforce ICAO rules and regulations or risk being downgraded or even blacklisted as a country. The safety record of Congo so bad, it is the only way to move the industry to safer operations. But those airlines affected will now have to either comply or otherwise their planes might never fly again.
AAC in Kinshasa subsequently issued a statement advising the operators and the public that reforms are taking place in Congo DRs aviation sector to improve safety for passengers, with the ultimate aim to have the countrys airlines wishing to fly to Europe come off the notorious EU black list for airlines, in the case of Congo DR literally all of them with the notable exception of Korongo Airlines, based in Lubumbashi, which is majority owned, managed and maintained by Brussels Airlines and presently flies to Kinshasa and Johannesburg.
Watch this space.

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  1. Best news I heard about DRC aviation. With that and more esp wih license issuing and type ratings, then I will have no worry about geting amid air collision while flying into DRC airspace. Have had so many escapades with those cowboy flying style in that country. Bigups for now.