Congo suspends landing rights for RwandAir

(Posted 28th May 2022)

A dispute between the governments of Congo DR and Rwanda over the alleged support of Rwanda for a rebel militia in Eastern Congo has suddenly escalated.

Effective immediately has Congo suspended the landing rights of RwandAir, which has been offering flights to Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Goma.

The airline published the following announcement a short while ago on their social media pages.

The Rwandan government is yet to comment on the development and no media release has been available at the time of uploading this article.

Congolese government sources pointed to a statement released by government which in part reads as follows:

‘It was decided to immediately suspend flights from the RwandAir aviation company to the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

“It was also decided to summon the Rwandan ambassador to notify him of the total disapproval of the Congolese government”.

The dispute between the two countries has been simmering for some time and although Congo DR recently joined the East African Community have relations obviously not improved and efforts by other partner states to mediate and diffuse the situation were not successful.

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