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Without crackdown on ivory trade, elephants could be extinct within 25 years, EU warned

3 August 2016 | The Parliament | Martin Banks

Brussels has made a robust defence of its record after nearly 30 African states said they were “appalled” by its decision to oppose a comprehensive global ban in the trade in illegal ivory. EU member states, the largest exporters of legal ivory, are being urged to back demands for a total ban on the trade. … Full Story ?


Can Smart Collaboration Stop the Killing of Endangered Wildlife in Tanzania?

4 August 2016 | National Geographic | Lindy Taverner |

An elite task force in Tanzania is making progress in the war against poaching, apprehending illegal traders and wildlife trafficking kingpins responsible for the deaths of thousands of animals. Tanzanian game scouts and law-enforcement officers operating near the Mozambique border on July 22, 2016, raided a poachers’ encampment after being tipped off about its existence. They apprehended two poachers in possession … Full Story ?

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