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KWCA, Conservancies and Conservation

There are 160 conservancies now registered with KWCA in the country. They cover 11% of Kenya’s land mass or about 6.36 million acres.

There are 13 conservancies registered with the KWCA in Laikipia – Laikipia Nature Conservancy, Ol Pejeta, Ol Jogi, Loisaba, Ole Lentile, Sosian,Lewa/Borana, Ngare Ndare, Il Ngwesi, Naibunga, Lekkuruki, Mugie and Sangare.

76 of the registered communities are on community land, and 58 are on private lands. 72% of Kenya’s population of Southern White Rhinos and 45% of Kenya’s Black rhinos are found in these conservancies and 90% of the world’s population of Grevy’s Zebras.

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