Conservation news update – Female gorilla dies after sustained attacks by two ‘suitors’


News have emerged that a female gorilla of the Nkuringo group has recently died, after her body was found a considerable distance away from the ‘normal’ habitat of the group. It was reported that she has been subject to ‘beatings’ and attacks by two male gorillas, vying for her ‘favours’ and responding violently after being rejected time and again.

A veterinary surgeon from the Uganda Wildlife Authority administered first aid, when the situation became known and was reported back by trackers and rangers, but as the group kept moving around their ‘territory’ the situation grew worse for the female, who eventually succumbed to her wounds sustained in several attacks, inspite of additional treatment by vets as and when possible.

Sadly, in the animal world there is no legal punishment for attempted rape and gorillacide although such cases of real violence against females rejecting advances by males other than the dominant silverback are rare. Chimpanzee males killing each other is however a much more common situation, but again, even amongst chimps violence against females is reported to be rare.

A sad loss for the gorilla community in Bwindi and a loss of a valued individual in the Nkuringo group.