Corporate Council on Africa News Updates

(Posted 09th June 2022)

The U.S. Government Invests $39 million in Women’s Economic and Social Empowerment Program
US Embassy
Today, the U.S. Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development, launched the Women’s Economic and Social Empowerment Program with the goal of providing 200,000 women in seven Egyptian governorates with increased employment opportunities, leadership roles, access to digital financial services, and health, legal, and psychological services for survivors of violence… Read more>>

Hunger looms as grain runs out 
News Day
Millions of Zimbabweans will go hungry as the country faces a severe grain shortage. A poor rainfall season and hoarding of maize by farmers demanding payment in United States dollars have exacerbated an already dire situation… Read more>>

Aid Agencies: Some 20 Million Could Face Starvation in East Africa
VOA News
Aid agencies warn the number of people facing starvation in the Horn of Africa is expected to reach 20 million by the end of September without a stronger response to an ongoing drought… Read more>>

Chad Declares ‘Food Emergency’, Urges International Help
Chad on Thursday declared a ‘food emergency; in the impoverished landlocked country, urging the international community to help… Read more>>

China Looks to Africa in Race Lithium
VOA News
It is the new gold rush, and China is leading the hunt as pieces surge. Only it’s not gold everyone’s looking for, it’s lithium. Many say the future of electric vehicle production and, more broadly, combatting climate change, depend on the rare metal… Read more>>

Tanzania starts exporting coal to European markets
The Citizen
Mtwara. Tanzania’s coal has penetrated the European market, thanks to a contract between Ruvuma Coal Limited and Hong Kong-based Kenexon Company. Through the one-year contract, the companies yesterday transported 60,000 tonnes of coal to the Netherlands… Read more>>

Congo Sees Surge in Mining of Metals for Green-Energy Transition
Democratic Republic of Congo could see about 10 new mines for metals key to powering the green-energy transition within four years, according to the director of the country’s mining registry… Read more>>

Monkeypox has likely spread undetected ‘for some time’: WHO
The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that hundreds of monkeypox cases have surfaced beyond the African countries where the disease is typically found, warning that the virus has likely been spreading under the radar… Read more>>

Health crisis looms in Tigray as main hospital closes
The East African
Ayder Referral Hospital, the largest and only operating hospital in Ethiopia’s war-ravaged Tigray region, said it was forced to suspend providing services over shortages of medical supplies… Read more>>

Nigeria approves proposal for gas pipeline project to Morocco
Africa News
The Nigerian government on Wednesday approved a proposal for the construction of a gas pipeline connecting Nigeria and Morocco… Read more>>

Covid-19: Senegal gets 75 million euro boost for vaccine plant
News 24
The European Investment Bank (EIB) committed 75 million euros ($80 million) on Thursday to finance the construction of a new facility in Senegal that will produce Covid-19 and other vaccines for use across Africa… Read more>>

Big tech is winning the battle for Kenya’s talent
Quartz Africa
The growing importance of technology in Africa is evident from the first FT-Statista ranking of the continent’s fastest-growing companies: the sector is second only to financial services for the number of businesses listed… Read more>>

Safaricom’s M-Pesa, Visa offer virtual card for global transactions
M-Pesa, the mobile phone-based African money transfer service owned by Kenya’s Safaricom Plc and Visa Inc. launched a virtual payment card on Thursday in a bid to capture some of the continent’s $40 billion-a-year subscriptions market… Read more>>

Streaming wars come to Africa
The recent entry of streaming service, Disney+ into the African market is the clearest indication yet that multinational players are now looking to the continent as an important area of growth… Read more>>

Uganda Tourism Board in Drive to Increase Tourist Arrivals From East Africa
All Africa
In a bid to position Uganda as a preferred tourist destination in the East African source market, Uganda Tourism BoArd participated in this year’s Karibu KILIFAIR at Magereza Grounds in Arusha Tanzania from June 3-5… Read more>>

South African tourism throttled by misplaced omicron alarm, says minister
Arab News
The omicron variant of the coronavirus came at a very high cost to South African tourism, as top scientists in the country identified the strain which had its origin somewhere else in the world, said South African Minister of Tourism Lindiwe Nonceba Sisulu… Read more>>